Awful dolphins
Dolphins are a group of marine mammals of the infraorder Cetacea (which also includes whales and porpoises). Dolphins are considered to be intelligent and playful animals with complex social behavior, although less known are their murderous side. Real life dolphins have demonstrated infanticidal instincts towards their own kind or other species and are known to torture other animals, even sharks, just for fun.

According to Bogleech: "Dolphins ARE a whole lot more infanticidal than the average animal, though, and slaughter other, smaller dolphin species because they trigger the same baby-killing instinct. This is especially true for pygmy whales, whose corpses often wash ashore covered in dolphin bruises. Dolphins, from their perspective, literally run across mysterious pods of babies out in the middle of nowhere and think “welp, these gotta go.”"

In the Noisy Tenant universe dolphins are shown to posses human-like intelligence, super strength, super speed, flight and even entering people's dreams. Just like real dolphins, they too enjoy inflicting pain on others for fun, physical or otherwise. This makes them very feared and considered to be genuine evil. The Parliament also sent a dolphin called Flipper to do their work retrieving an exvironator.

Mortasheen Monsters Related to DolphinsEdit

There are a few Mortasheen monsters based around dolphins and other cetaceans. These are:

  • Dolfury (considered to be the only monster that is truly evil)
  • Narwight (vampire that attempts to exert dominance over other fellow vampires)
  • Vampiathan (not actually evil)
  • Cacchinnox (powerful Joker focused on inflicting as much physical harm and emotional torture as it possibly can)
  • Obliviote (thought eating paradimensional entity)

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