Other names: Flies, Buzz Buzz Friend
Bioform: Arthropoid, insect
Native zone: Various
Residence: Various
More commonly known as flies. Dipterites are the adult stage of myiasites.


Dipterites resemble ordinary flies. Their larval form is represented by myiasites, which are sentient maggot people. The size difference between the two stages is rather big, with the adults being normal fly sized compared to their larval forms. Unlike the adults, myiasites possess human-like intelligence. After growing large enough, older myiasites bury their heads in flesh preparing for transmigration, a process in which they expel millions of dipterites from their anus, dying shortly after. According on a Tumblr comment, myiasites are born when a bunch of dipterites work together to fill a trash can with barf and a new myiasite is born in there.

Dipterites and myiasites are known to inhabit decomposing biovessel zones.

First AppearanceEdit

Although flies were seen in numerous media, the term dipterites was first used in Awful Hospital.


  • The word "dipterite" comes from Diptera, the insect order that contains flies.
  • Myiasites are known to eat marshmallows made from dipterites, which makes them cannibalistic.
  • Burgrr Inc. sells flies under the name of "Buzz Buzz Friend".


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