Cyst Dweller (Charlie)
"It can be hazardous to venture unassisted. Perhaps I can offer you an implement to mitigate the substantial risk factor?"
Other names: Charlie
Bioform: Worm (?)
Native zone: Inert sub-concept vessel
Residence: Inert sub-concept vessel
Occupation: Decomposer
Probably a worm hiding in a cyst.


Real name Charlie, he lives in a cyst inside a cave in the overflesh. His full appearance is never revealed, with only his yellow glowing eyes being visible. It's most likely that he is a worm but that was never confirmed for sure. Unlike most worms (who are jerks), Charlie is helpful and offers a weapon to Fern to defend herself.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.


  • His real name is revealed when the Chest Worm speaks to him.
  • He is a reference to the "It's dangerous to go alone!" meme from the game The Legend of Zelda.


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