"I have to say it's quite nice to go so un-n-noticed."
Other names: Computer Chip, CHIP v2
Bioform: Electronic
Native zone: The Cafe (in his former life)
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Computer, security, data management
Likes: Not serving customers anymore
Chip in computer form after he replaced Crash. He is much nicer than his predecessor.


The result when Fern (pretenting to be Dr Tori) authorized a core-swapping procedure where Crash's core was schroded (a state of simultaneously existing and not existing at the same time), Chip's core was put in his place and Jay was put in Chip's place. This version of Chip has all of Crash's abilities and computational power. The physical computer remains cosmetically unchanged, only the graphical representation of Chip is different than Crash's. This appearance is similar to Chip's former body with the cup head. He still stutters but in an electronic form instead of the caffeine in his past body.

Chip knows that Fern was responsible for the change and because he wanted so badly to leave his Cafe function he expresses his gratitude by helping Fern in her quest. He inherited most of Crash's memories and files. He can be talked with from any Hospital monitor he's connected to. He now has the same job and responsibilities Crash had and unlike him Chip enjoys it especially because he no longer has to serve customers and experiences so much more now. He seemingly does a better job than the former computer. The staff generally ignores Chip, who likes a quite job. He doesn't care that much about the impending doom existence is facing because of the Parliament as long as he no longer needs making coffee.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.


  • Now his name is a pun on computer chip.
  • His appearance is also a visual pun on the Java programming language.


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