Full name: Drudge Cell Flounder
Type: Plasmic
Danger level: Medium
Function: Inducing toothpox or vice-versa, epidermal meld
Weakness: a quick dunk in the seething
Article: link
A rather unpleasant reverberator.

Article DescriptionEdit

I'm not sure how a grey-zoner knows what the DCF looks like, and it looks like he's even recreated half the Proteose Sectate, to boot. I guess it's all their mucking around in sub-thought. Wires crossing. You know as well as I do that perceiving Chuckles is never a healthy sign, though it's difficult to say whether its presence induces toothpox or vice-versa. It's possible that the two are just codependent. If it attempts an epidermal meld, a quick dunk in the seething will shrivel it up like a Thoom Slug under a gravid Redgaunt.

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