"M-m-mocha, eh? N-n-n-no p-p-roblem-o! ehheh..."
Bioform: Cafe conceptoid
Native zone: The Cafe
Residence: The Cafe
Occupation: Barista
Chip is the barista of the Hospital branch cafe located in the surgery ward. He's suffering.


Chip's head is a detachable mug filled with chocolate mocha with the foam acting as his hair. When pouring his contents (which are served on the house) he lets out a bloodcurdling scream of pain. Being a nervous wreck, he is stammering and jittering. His speech is also stuttered. He has bags under his yellow eyes and cracks can be seen on the mug's surface and on his teeth. His nose is an orange triangle. He has beard stubble, despite being made of porcelain. The rest of his humanoid body looks normal on the surface.

Chip works as a barista for Fluid State Comestibles Incorporated (The Cafe), being a core algorithmic conceptoid. He fulfills the zone's conceptual functions and subfunctions wherever a Cafe branch has completed germination. He doesn't know much else outside his job and often engages in conversations with customers, asking more about the outside world. When talking with Fern, he displayed his curiosity about how it's like to have a boyfriend, romanticizing the idea despite having no clue what that is like.

He wears a yellow smiley badge on his uniform that actually is his boss, miss Flair. She scolds Chip whenever he talks about job-irrelevant things or deviates in general from his duties in any other way. Flair is also a master of psychological manipulation, tricking customers into tipping way more.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.


  • His name is a pun on chipped.
  • He never drinks his own mocha. That would be like drinking his own blood.
  • Don't ask for whipped cream!
  • He mentions that he reformed himself after being attacked by something with a similar physiology as Fern that came to serve itself with mocha, so he didn't die in order to avoid wasting company layers.
    • First presumed to be a Slob, the attacker was actually Jay.
  • Tori classifies him as threat level 0.
  • The Cafe also served in the grey zone.
  • A real mug with Chip's face can be bought on Redbubble.


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