"If yer that hungry, I'd be happy ta' share!"
Bioform: Portable medical urinal
Native zone: The Hospital
Residence: The Hospital
Occupation: Fluid biowaste analyst, nursing specialist
Likes: Being nice to everyone, fluids

First seen in the surgery ward's break room, Cathy is considered to be the heart of the facility by her fellow staff members.


Cathy is primarily characterized by her head which resembles a portable medical urinal with it's opening on the front side. Her head is filled with urine or urine-like liquid which moves and emotes, taking the shape of a mouth. She stinks of concentrated ammonia because of the contents. From the neck down, Cathy's body is humanoid with yellow skin and a long neck. Her fingers are tube-like, ending with a hole. Her elongated tongue can come out from her neck's opening, inside the bottle. Her lab coat is actually a part of her body and is rubbery to the touch.

Cathy works at The Hospital's surgery ward as a fluid biowaste analyst and nursing specialist. She is very friendly and nice, her sense of humor and optimism kept the staff together even in the roughest times. She often makes urine puns. Fluids are her favorite subject, considering herself a connoisseur.

When Jay and Fern sneaked into the break room to get some food, Cathy was still there and in response she offered to share from her own lunch. But Jay shot her dead and tried to bury her corpse in the wall in order to erase her from existence. Luckily, Fern secretly chopped one of her fingers so she could still come back to life.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.


  • Her name is a pun on catheter.
  • According to Bogleech, any liquid that passes through her severed finger turns into urine.
  • The Cafe also serves a health tea made with Cathy's "secret syrup", which she can get for free.