The nurse, seems to have a thing for band aids. Her skin seems crusted with blood and pus and god knows what other bodily fluids. ENEMY?She is MIA

Description Edit

she is the strang school nurse. she looks almost like a mummie. Only a single eyeball of hers is not covered in band-aids. thaw  When her bandages are removed, it is possible to see that Brandi's flesh resembles the 'skin' of a raw, uncooked meatball. She has one left eye but no right eye whatsoever. A grotesque Vagina Dentata serves as her mouth, featuring teeth poking out of her lips, and a long pointed tongue. Yet both Miss Board and miss bored insist that she is a true human being… albeit a greatly mutated one.

she is as Bubbly and upbeat as the star of a TV show aimed at preschoolers. Poor memory retention, childish personality, and no formal medical training; Brandi's ditziness is played for dark comedy and light comedy alike. how ever her investigatore file revise this is actully caused by severe cranium damage she suffered some  layers ago. That damage was, of course, inflicted by the Parasite(aka princible) out of jealousy (It thought Whitney paid too much attention to her). It severely impaired her memory capabilities, logic skills, and attention span. 

Brandi keeps many types of calenders and planners so she does not forget vital information. She also keeps a locket of Whitney so she never forgets who she is. thiis ultimitly lead to her being sent to another zone by miss bored to protect her.

she is aparently the mother of both The Janitor and Merchant. but thaw she seems to be an appalling mother to them. this is probly because of her memoire problem scent she dosn't seem to remember who they are.

One one hand, she has no proper medical knowledge. that she can remember any way. whatsoever, and it shows when kids come to her for healing. However, her band-aids more thancompletely negates her personal ineptitude. The band-aids Brandi makes have phenomenal curative capabilities. They can heal any injury they're placed upon, (albeit not quite instantaneously) and even reverse death, if enough are used.

First Appearance Edit

In strang school.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name is a pun on ban
  • she is a very ovuslly bast on touri.

Gallery Edit

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