Bioform: Train
Native zone: The Abyss
Residence: The Abyss
Occupation: Zone tours
Likes: Making train noises
A train monster that gives zone tours around The Abyss.


The Blindtrain is a giant creature whose head resembles a train engine. It has an upper row of teeth and a singular blind eye in the front. There's also a pair of vestigial legs where the wheels should be. From the neck down, its body is extremely long and slender, the full length of its legs never visible. The hands have six long fingers. The creature's movement sounds like a creaking door. On the back of its train-like head, there's a chain of carts where the passengers can hop in. The carts smell like someone throwing up blood.

In its cabin is the Conductor. He has a fleshy exterior and his head is shaped like a long hat with his mouth opening on the top. He probably is a part of the Blindtrain and the two may or may not share the same consciousness. When he speaks, he often makes train sounds out loud. The Conductor offers zone tours for potential passengers. Payment can be "an arm and a leg" or sometimes it's free. The tours consists of the Blindtrain walking around the Abyss where other zones and places can be observed. Some sights can only be perceived by senses that human grey zoners are lacking.

The Blindtrain was first seen in a "station" at The Hospital's Plank Maze. Jay took a ride with it in the past and noted that now it got bigger.

First AppearanceEdit

In Awful Hospital.


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