the black slime molds are sentient slimes the where brout into the school. and trind to do veirs jobs.

Description Edit

black slime molds are well living peas of black mold. the are fairly smart some more then otheres and and an be traind to do a wad verity of task. sutch as cleaning selling and figthing. they are highly skilled ily inn combat being both very strong and completly indestrucktible. there also the only beings known to have a complete immunity to The Principal's spikes. the only thing that will will heart them is Mold-B-Gone. it can apperently kill them but acording to merchant only if it completly covers the body. they all appear to fights in different ways. merchant fights by form parts of himself into whips and flails to attack enemies with. while Meatlet Jr grows a giant set of jawsand bites bown on them.

they seem to have a rather unusal process of chosing names where they basicly just take the name of what ever job they do janitors the janitor merchants a merchant. messengers a messenger you get the idea. the only exeption is Meatlet Jr and thats many because he dosn't have a job. unless you con't being an accomplis. they also a biculor be havour of latching on to other creaters as there mother like has merchant and janitor consider brani there mother and meatlet Jr Ghoulash has his even thaw he nows shes not a girle.

the originot from a zone called SHITFUCK thaw its refurd to has the slame zone by some. he SHITFUCK layer is terrible, monochrome, pixellated, and can be manifested in less than three m@@$423es. they are incpible of going to the grey zone because there cores are not combadible.

list of black slime moled




Meatlet Jr

First Appearance Edit

In strange school.

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triva Edit

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