Big Eyes
Other names: Thing in the Dark, Unseen Thing, Looming Monstrosity, Dark Thing
Bioform: N/A
Native zone: The Abyss
Residence: The Abyss

A creature from The Abyss that appeared in Nausea Quest.


Never fully seen and never officially named, the creature's only visible features are its two big eyes while the rest of its body is in darkness. The creature is found in the game attempting to harm a Magboil but throwing one into its mouth causes it to vomit. Its puke can melt the flesh off your bones, still remaining conscious long enough to see your own skeleton. It also has a number of boneless hairy tentacles that can be easily pulled off from their unseen sockets but are strong enough to mangle your body. The creature also has the ability to turn its eyes red and with its gaze cause your own eyes to boil.

In the game you have three possible actions against it: punch its eye, rip a tentacle and throwing a Magboil at it. To do these actions in the correct order, you must listen to the clues given by your fellow Magboil. Failing to do so will cause the monster to kill you in one of three ways.

First AppearanceEdit

In Nausea Quest.


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