BBQ Girll
"We've got feeds to mouth!"
Bioform: Culinary utility, paraorganic
Native zone: Burgrr Inc.
Residence: Burgrr Inc.
Occupation: Assistant manager-in-chief, concept executionator, flesh-concept incineroid, mascot
Likes: Fire, grease, "cuties"
Dislikes: "Vegetation", Magboils
Blog: Personal blog
BBQ Girll is a mechanical grill humanoid from Burgrr Inc. and functions as a cook and manager. She has a small meaty (biocore) in her head, which is the source of her power.


BBQ Girll has a humanoid body and a grill for a head. It's possible that her whole body is metallic under the clothes. Under her head's cover there is a living meat creature acting as a "biocore". It's not certain if it is a distinct consciousness or BBQ Girll's true body, but if damaged it can incapacitate her or even "kill" her. The biocore is even used to attack enemies.

BBQ Girll almost always smiles and has a cheery personality. She usually does the talking for Burgrr Inc. and speaks "normally" except for the unusual nicknames she uses in conversations (ex: Meatlet, Joemaam, Bugprince, Kangaroo, Crablocks, Chesterflap etc.).

In her "true' form she has a darker grey color, no clothes, grease stains, a mannequin torso with breasts, each of which has a cluster of holes in it; three legs and a single left arm with a claw for a hand. The grease that pours out of her grill head is boiling hot. She uses it to burn people's faces off when they are immobilized under her body.

If she would need a disguise in the grey zone she would wear a human mascot costume over her real body. She wouldn't really grasp the idea that her true form already looks like a mascot costume to grey zoners and even less frightening than the human costume.

First AppearanceEdit

First seen on the Burgrr website (currently down and archived) and the Burgrr story.


  • Her name is a pun on girl and grill.
  • She is shown to find Magboils gross in the secret Burgrr story.
  • The biocore is known to be able to sleep independently. It's also cold when sleepy.
  • On her blog she uses her own unique emoticons. These include: