Awful Hospital: Seriously the Worst Ever is a webcomic created by Jonathan Wojcik which is part of the Noisy Tenant universe. The story follows our protagonist as her son got ill with a mysterious disease, both ending up in The Hospital. The mother takes part in an adventure across the zones to save her child and return home. The commenters play a crucial role in the story, as their voices can be heard by the protagonist (and sometimes other entities) and influence her actions.

List of Encountered Zones/LocationsEdit


With the help of Patreon supporters in March 2018, Awful Hospital's main intro theme was commissioned and made by Gooseworx (link here). Fan made soundtracks were also featured on this page.


  • The webcomic was intended to be much shorter but it turned out to become so successful that the story was greatly expanded.
  • Some pages have secrets hidden! Try finding them!