"The hell's your deal?"
Bioform: Android
Native zone: Student Factory
Residence: The School
Occupation: Student
Likes: 54
A student from The School who is lacking in social graces. Nonetheless, he's still regarded as one of the "coolest" kids in School, and a personal friend of 54.

Description Edit

73 is another one of the School's identical students. He is apparently very popular but not really smart. Also he's tactless, speaking what's on his mind even if it upsets the listener. Best example is when he first met Rose he asked if she's a girl because of her voice and later when her voice changed he laughed that she sounds like a man. He is unaware that she is a transgender. Error/Rosie really doesn't care for him at all. He's much closer to 54 and secretly has a crush on her. Despite his reputation, he still takes part in Rose's party along with 54, 42 and 104. He's the only male member in the group and also the strongest. Flaws aside, he has a heart of gold and doesn't hesitate to help his friends, even when battling Ghoulash.

He is also known to eat glue, admitting he has a "serious problem".

First Appearance Edit

In Strange School.


  • HP: 50

Trivia Edit

  • He's one of the four most popular kids in the School, along with 104.

Gallery Edit

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