"..I did not exist before I came to School."
Other names: True Error
Bioform: Android
Native zone: Student Factory
Residence: The School
Occupation: Student
Likes: Freedom, dogs
Dislikes: Dying
One of the near identical clone students at The School. A very close friend of Rose's.

Description Edit

Although she looks just like the other students, she's the true Factory Error of her class, that Rose was originally mistaken for. She moves slightly out of sync with her classmates. She reveals her secret to Rose and quickly become close friends, even ending up in a relationship. Rose gives 54 a cutesy barrette to distinguish her from the crowd. Unlike the other students, 54 doesn't want to die and expresses more individuality when not under surveillance. She loves dogs even if her Knowledge of what "dogs" are was erased from her brain at the Student Factory, along with all her other Earth memories.

Her speech patterns have a very concise, utilitarian exactness to them. She and all her fellow students have been trained to speak with excellent grammar. She also acts as the battle tutorial for the party whenever there are new RPG rules which Rose and the commenters need to be informed of. 54's the one who'd used as a mouthpiece by some unknown force. She always blanks out whenever this occurs.

Her friend 73 has a crush on her but it is not reciprocated. It's quickly revealed this is because she's gay and she falls for Rosie.

First Appearance Edit

In Strange School.


  • HP: 50

Red Girl Edit

"Sooo, my mind was stolen and all modded, so was my body."
Other names: Red Girl
Bioform: Human
Native zone: Grey zone
Residence: The School, Dream World, grey zone
Occupation: Student
Likes: Freedom, dogs
Dislikes: Dying
The reason 54 is a defect is that something went wrong during the process of moving her grey zoner brain into the student body. Her original personality was not properly erased, acting slightly more human. Her human form is colored red (also known as Red Girl) and her true name is Rudy. She is first seen in Rose's dreams and asks her if she can to put her brain back into the original body. It the end when her body is found it was revealed that her brain was put into 54. With the help of the teachers she gets her brain returned and becomes fully human once again.

In the past, Rudy was tormented to no end by the ones who she loved and trusted until she was moved for her own safety. Despite this, she is always full of hope and optimism. She first ended up in the School together with two other kids, Mariska and Jeremy. They all died one by one from sickness and became identical students.

In the end of the story, Rudy returns to the grey zone with Rose and gets adopted by a new family. They both develop severe PTSD that haunts the rest of their lives.


  • Her cutesy barrette's design changes every time.

Gallery Edit

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