A girl who reacts in loud astonishment when the math teacher decides not to kill the Pink Girl, in defiance of her expectations.

Description Edit

she is one of the many students attending the school. she had the same math class as rosemari. she was there when she was late but Prof. Lidre desided to spare her. callsing her to speak out in suprise and get detention. she servis geting thraw down the shoot but lose her arm.

she is dyslexic #24 misread #56's name as #58. According to #54, #24 had quite a nasty side to her, when teachers weren't supervising her.

#54: Like this one time, 24 made 97 eat a whole (here, Pink Girl kinda spaces out and loses focus on what #54's actually saying) ...blood everywhere! Edit

First Appearance Edit

In strange school.

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triva Edit

  • She wasn't originally meant to be dyslexic.

Yamemada: As you guys probably know, i kiiiinda screwed up [Wires'] intro by writing 58 instead of 56 and then couldnt fix it because i didnt have my tablet for like a week so due to my mistake i think i accidentally canonized 24 having dyslexia.

When we see her in detention during the first intermission, it's the first clear sign that Students are all part-machine.

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