"I’m sick of all this ominious jack everywhere..."
Bioform: Android
Native zone: Student Factory
Residence: The School
Occupation: Student
Likes: Taking action
Dislikes: Teachers
One of the "cool" kids at The School. Seems eternally irritated over something.

Description Edit

One of the many identical students at The School. She attends the same Language Arts class as Rose and 73. She first appears when Rose and 73 are fighting the Screaminomicon as part of the group of students who gathered around to watch. After Rose finally managed to pry the Screaminomicon off of 73 she calls out to the crowd for someone to help them finish it off as they were both in pretty bad shape. 104 steps up and kills the book by banging it against the wall.

After that she joins Rose's party as she too believed in their cause. She quickly established herself as brave, strong and fed up with the School's teachers and the way the students get treated. She genuinely takes pains to monitor her language, even after offing a teacher.

Unfortunately her time with the party is brief. At some point either off-screen or before they met she was infected by the Treyepod. This was first hinted when Dr Realz said to her he's sorry and the second hint was a stomachache that prevented her from helping Rose fight Feartre. She is ultimately killed by the Treyepod which bursted out of her, leaving her dead.

However, giving the fact that just like in The Hospital, people killed in The School are brought back to life and the epilogue stating that Jeremy who was also killed has returned home as well, she was likely revived and sent back to the grey zone.

First Appearance Edit

In Strange School.


  • HP: 50

Trivia Edit

  • She is one of the four most popular kids in the School, along with 73.

Gallery Edit

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